Welcome to MergeBoard’s documentation!

MergeBoard is a web-based tool that makes reviewing code easier and enhances your chances to spot issues in the code. Besides the normal unified diff, as used by git and most other tools, our software introduces a new logic-based diff mode that focuses on showing the actual changes to the program flow. This mode hides style changes, indicates how code blocks are moved around, groups similar changes together and generally makes reviewing a lot easier.

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You can learn about individual MergeBoard features by choosing the corresponding entry from the sidebar on the left. To go through all the content in a linear fashion, use the next and previous buttons at the end of each page. To get back to this page click the MergeBoard icon or the small home button at the top of the page.

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Further Help

If at any point you need additional help, do not hesitate to contact our support via support@mergeboard.com.


If you want to give us feedback while using MergeBoard you can always click the question mark on the top left to get to a feedback form.


MergeBoard does not replace GitLab, GitHub or other git hosting services. Our aim is to provide a great code review experience that you can integrate into your existing workflow, without forcing you to switch your existing tools. MergeBoard needs at least some way to access your git repository via network. It is recommended to use one of the source code hosting facilities or their self hosted equivalents. If you want to use the most manual and minimalist solution, you can also host a git repository by using an ssh server.